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maia Monday March 21, 2016
See the post above this one on the blackboard for an update considering the future of the website (it's positive :-)).

This homepage is provided to you by members of MASN-Vienna, which is part of the independent international MASN. Due to changes in our personal lives and the structures we were working in, we have to apply several changes to this website:

1.) If nobody else will take responsibility for this site, we will keep it running for another 3 years and than probably shut it down in 2019, due to lack of resources.

2.) Since there isn't a lot of action in the forums, we encourage members to use the forums for other initiatives that fit to the spirit of the MASN. So if you need a forum for a project, especially one that is connected to social and cultural anthropology, feel welcome to use this site!

3.) Our network has gained quite some experience in the organization of student & young academics conferences and also smaller anthropological events. If you want to take part on those experiences, feel free to contact us through this forum, or go to this info-page.

4.) Due to massive spamming and lack of personal resources, the validation of a new account is admin based and may take some days.

We hope that some fresh wind from motivated anthropology students or young scholars may revive the MASN!

Keep it movin' :-)

Your admins - MASN Vienna

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