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12. Ethnosymposium in Halle (Saale), Germany 14.-17. May 2015

Call for Contribution

14. - 17.05. 2015
Ethnosymposium in Halle (Saale)

Cultural and Social Anthropology - WTF 2.O (What’s this for?)

„What is that and what is it good for?“ is a question that most students of Social and Cultural Anthropology are familiar with. Probably only a few people outside the discipline have a clear understanding of the contents we deal with in our studies, not to speak of the potentials lying in the subject.
Hang on, is it really mostly non - anthropologists who have a rather vague idea of the practical means of anthropology? What about us? Are we aware of what anthropology can achieve?
Since last year’s symposium in Vienna addressed the question “Cultural and Social Anthropology – WTF?”
– “What can/should/might Anthropology be?” we want to go a step further and ask “Cultural and Social Anthropology – WTF” – “What’s this for?” In the first place, Anthropology is concerned with a range of topics being part of important contemporary debates. We study experience realms, but often our findings can’t make their way out of the Ivory Tower of the scientific community. How can anthropological knowledge enter current discourses for instance about migration, racism, globalization or environmental issues? What are the potentials and chances inherent in Anthropology? Should anthropologists position themselves in political or
moral realms? Which opportunities emerge out of the Writing Culture Debate? According to our slogan “ExperienceRealms”, the Ethnosymposium in Halle 2015 wants to address those questions. We want to treat our discipline self - confidently and shed light on the strengths and values of anthropology.

Your contribution:
Have you dealt with these questions in a term paper, a presentation, a research project or in your final thesis? Do you want to present your ideas in the form of an academic essay to a wider anthropological
audience? Send in your abstracts up until 15th of March 2015 to: symposium2015 at ethnologie.uni-halle.de
Your abstract (max. 350 words) should contain the following:
  • name +contact details (mail address, phone number)  title of the intended workshop/presentation/.../
  • short expose
  • short description of your academic background and research interests
  • intended time slot
  • possibly preferred day and time of your presentation
  • necessary technical equipment and technical devices


Contact persons: Henriette Vogel & Sophie Knabner

Email: henriette.vogel at student.uni-halle.de ; sophie.knabner at student.uni-halle.de

Facebook: Ethnosymposium 2015

Symposium Blog: http://blog.ethnologie.uni-halle.de/2015/02/ethnosymposium-der-studierenden-halle2015/

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