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Anthropology of Violence
Forum for the discussion surrounding the sub-discipline of Anthropology of Violence.
1 2 2019-07-27 01:25
by maia
Discussion forum
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Post and view different tenders related to Anthropology (jobs, project, etc).
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Discuss general things related to the Moving Anthropology Student Network and the MASN Website.
2 2 2019-10-27 20:31
by sebastian.ritter
MASN and travelling
this forum can be used to coordinate travelling opportunities for e.g. to masn conferences or other meetings.
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Need help related to the Network or the Website? Post here!
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The forum test
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Local Groups
MASN Vienna
This is the group for the Austrian Chapter of MASN.
Designed for the exchange between members and interested people.
7 78 2015-06-30 03:49
by maia
Deutschsprachige Vernetzung
Wie auf dem 7. Ethnologie Symposium in Zürich beschlossen existiert diese Gruppe, um eine bessere Vernetzung der deutschsprachigen Institute zu gewährleisten.
5 15 2019-07-20 00:26
by Johann Schmiedehausen
Ethnologia Balkanica
A group for everyone who is interested in Anthropology in/of Southeastern Europe.
1 1 2019-06-17 07:11
by merrymccreadyqlreg
Thematic Groups
Anthropology of Organisations
Everybody interested in organisations – activist, nongovernmental , development, business, international, regional asf.
1 1 2014-10-27 16:48
by maia
Anthropology of Science and STS
For everyone interested in studying science or in Science and Technology Studies frameworks.
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Economic Anthropology
A forum to discuss topics in the fields of economic anthropology: may it be stone age economics, sweetness and power, Montagnais "Hunting Territory", common-pool resource, etc.
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Music of the World
For all those who are interested in Music of the World, Ethnomusicology or Anthropology of Music. To discuss and exchange information related to these fields.
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Conciousness and Cosmology Religion and Shamanism
A space to exchange knowledge concerning Religion, Shamanism, Conciousness, Cosmology and related topics like Healing, Astrology, Ritual, Spirituality, Esoteric, Mythology, Meditation, … and so on.
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Anthropology of Migration
Being one of the most prominent topics of debate in the globalized world we are living in, the study of migration and migration issues are among the most urging and important fields of investigation for anthropologists today. Discuss thi...
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Medical Anthropology
This forum offers space to discuss ideas, experiences, topics, researches, etc. connected with the field of medical anthropology.
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Queer Anthropology
This group aims discussion about Gender, Queer and LGBT topics. Basic Inputs could be the development from Anthropology of women Genderanthropology Anthropology of differences e.g. queer Anthropology
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For discussion related to the concept of postcolonialism and related research, texts, etc.
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An interdisciplinary field dedicated to the idea that media is a cultural phenomena, worthy of study using the concepts and methods anthropologists have developed.
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Visual Anthropology
A forum for everybody who is interested in Visual Anthropology.
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Anthropology and Anthropoloists
A forum for reflection on our own discipline: history, contemporary life and issues in an anthropological world, and the future of our discipline.
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Psychological Anthropology
This group exists for those who are working in the field of and interested in the field of psychological anthropology.
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Working Groups
MIT – MASN Infrastructure Team
Forum for all technical or IT-related topics of the MASN network, for example to discuss the future of the website. The aim of the group is, to supply all sorts of features or tools that you need.
2 8 2019-06-17 07:22
by justinfreelingcrpcqf
Call For Papers, positions in anthropology, and other announcements
All announcements such as CFP’s, PhD-offers etc. that don’t fit under “events” or other groups on this page.
1 1 2013-06-15 00:35
by maia
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