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"Syrreal Symphonie" [the title]

This ist the place for MASN-Wiens first project in 2014/15. It can be a chaotic place for you to discuss, present information, leave ideas before you forget them, confirm dates, raise questions, and most important it's a good place to be wrong and make mistakes. so don't be shy.... (on page two there is a big empty gap, but after that messages will come)


Great news: I talked to Fartacek again and just recieved some entries of the war diaries as well as 2 contacts that would probably be up for the "stage discussion". But please let's discuss that in details on sunday.

fartacek asked me to not share the war diaries on the internet and to keep them in a small group of people before reading parts of it at the event (he emphasized the "please handle them with care" and I'd like to respect that) . therefore, if it's okay for you, I would read them through and give you an overview, so we can discuss about (which ones to read out loud for the event)?

for the gastro: mehrdad, I talked to Franz and he seemed up for it to take care of it, but pretty busy as well. But Flavian would be happy to take care of the food :-)
As I'm staying in contact with Nico for the art bazaar, with the band and with fartacek (read the diaries), I'd like to focus on that and leave the food-organization to someone else, if that's ok?

@vicky: we talked about the music/bands yesterday and because you had some ideas concerning that, I wanted to ask you if you'd like to do it together with me?

I'm looking forward to sunday at our place, hopefully many of you will be able to come :-)

P.S. please be punctual (18h) because we have some movies to watch and discuss other things, to have enough time and not be stressed ;) -> klostergasse 1, ring at 11-14.

liebe grüsse

thanks Mehrdad!
good talks tonight!

p.s.: jetzt bist du im verteiler. falls die nächsten 7tage keine mail bei dir ankommt ist was schiefgegangen.

@ sunday will be discussed tonight

@ boku: keep them in "evidenz" for now. still nothing fix. So if possible neither tell them yes or no for the next few days

@ miles &war. i wasa also very impressed by that movie, although critical discussion would be very usefull. Also it could fit to the "kriegstagebücher"

you not being in au tonight seems to be quiet unfortunate. seems like we will miss some very good contributions to tomnights discussions. I will do my vbest to arrange the screening on sunday ealry evening
gotta run now
liebe grüsse,


sunday early evening would be possible for me.
I already watched "miles and war". i think it's a really awesome movie - i'am really impressed, but - i don't think that it fits our purpose...it is about Mediators of big conflicts, trying to avoid war - which is really fascinating, but syria doesn't play much role in it.

and about the boku hilft-food support, that was only thought as a support opportunity. just if we want to have help..

merhrdad, here is my email: victoriareitter at yahoo.de

see you soon!

hi vicki,
i'm sorry, but i think i forgot to put you in the email-verteiler. can you send me an email to my spamadress (i want to avoid publishing the good one :-)) burning at hellokitty.com

the movie seems to be ver very interresting. Would it cost us something to show it?
We can watch the other two ethnocinea movies until sunday, we just need a computer with youtube acces and a quiet place. Who has time and is interessted. For me Sunday early evening would be best

About Bokus-Food Aid we should talk, because at least Sakya seemed very interessted in organizing the buffet.

Everybody keep in mind that, if we want to this can be the first of a series of events, so we don need to use all our ideas now


hej to you all,

no unfortunately I didn't get the email! But I think it doesn't make a lot of sense for me to drop by if I have to leave right away...lets see. but I would be happy to read about all the discussions afterwards ;)

yes, maia, that's the film! so let me know, what you think about it and if I should contact the filmmakers!

is there already a next date for a meeting? please, mehrdad, put me on the mailing list again ;)

have a nice evening!

Salute To You Great People!

So great news. Wow Vicki! That would be gorgeous, if your friend would help us...

Concerning the meeting today, it will be at 18:30h, AU, Brunneng.76
Didn't you get the email from Mehrdad via the mailing list (not this forum!) Vicki?

And is it this film you're talking about? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkKGxGDBXwQ

But let's see how the several films fit with the presentation and so forth...
(Or should we make a movie - discussion Syrial evening - oh look to what these processes have led: http://moving-anthropology.net/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=60 )

i'm sorry that i couldn't contribute as promised any theoretical, antihegemonic, ethical discussion until now. i hope to catch up after the coming meeting.

And i would really insist on talking seriously about the up coming general assembly, especially about our wishes, contributions (responsibilities), conceptions about the organization. We should be prepared!

Furthermore Robin and i will work on the homepage tomorrow at the meeting, so after general discussions we might split up in a big and a little group ;)

So see you tomorrow.

hej syreals,

so, do you already know at what time you will meet tomorrow?
If, like last time, you meet at 6 p.m. I could join you for an hour...

I have some more information:

1. If have a friend who is filmmaker and works at the viennale every year. She told me about the film "our terrible land", which is from this year and supposed to be very good. It's a real documentation of the flight from syria to istanbul. As she has the contacts of the filmmakers, it would be easy to contact them and see what they say...

2. Furthermore would she be up to helping us with everything concerning the screening of a film, including moderating a discussion afterwards.

3. Concerning the food: I 'm in contact with the boku-hilft group, we can expect support from them too...

More maybe tomorrow!

Good morning!

I think it would be great to meet before the 26th if that's somehow possible for some reasons:

1. to watch the movies that mehrdad took such great care of getting for us, (thanks!!) to be able to discuss or topics that we want to relate...i think it's super important to get that done, collect our thoughts and ideas, that have been blooming in the last days and talk about it on the 26th with a good summary of where we're at so far.

2. AU seems like the chosen place of our great happening, shouldn't we go there and fix the conditions and nail it down, to have a deal where we can start to plan and inform people of a "quasi-program" soon (for example the band)?

3. I've got exciting news to share about another really great idea/meeting with fartacek, that i'd like to discuss about with you guys and then coordinate it into the program maybe!
and as well: the band (the holy spirit of nothing) provided great music (!!) and would generally be interested in playing for us (providing them more information soon would be great).

so i hope you think, that the two first points mentioned would be good to have done before the 26th too and that at least some of us find time to get stuff done, exciting! :-)

Mehrdad & everyone: i'm sorry i have to pass on sunday, but what about today (friday) -> going to AU together and saturday/monday or tuesday having a cosy movie-evening (you are all welcome to come to our place in klostergasse 1)?

looking forward, have a nice day, all of you :-)


Tuna Kaptan, Felicitas Sonvilla | Türkei, Deutschland 2013 | 30 Min. | OmeU
Naser ist Palästinenser, Ali ist Syrer. Beide leben in der türkischen Grenzstadt Edirne und helfen
Flüchtlingen, die Grenze zu Griechenland zu überqueren. Seit kurzem stammen die meisten dieser
Flüchtlinge aus Alis Heimatland, Syrien. Oft sind es junge Männer, die vor dem Krieg und der
syrischen Regierungsarmee flüchten. Die Europäische Grenzschutzagentur Frontex hat viele
Männer geschickt, um die Grenze zu Griechenland so gut wie möglich zu überwachen. Die
Überwachungssysteme werden von Tag zu Tag ausgefeilter, die Grenzschutzpatrouillen immer
zahlreicher. So wird es für Ali und Naser auch immer schwieriger und gefährlicher, ihre Kunden
nach Griechenland zu schleusen.
Tuna Kaptan und Felicitas Sonvilla folgen Ali und Naser in ihrem Alltag als Schleuser. Die zwei
jungen Männer warten in ihren Hotelzimmern, rauchen, sprechen mit ihren Familien und bereiten
ihren nächsten Gang an die Grenze vor. Die Situation wird immer schwieriger, denn immer weniger
Flüchtlinge schaffen es, über die Grenze zu gelangen.
Anne Thoma | Schweiz, Deutschland 2012 | 78 Min. | OmeU
Was sind das für Menschen, die täglich aufs Neue versuchen, den Kämpfen und dem Blutvergießen
in Krisengebieten ein Ende zu setzen? Regisseurin Anne Thoma portraitiert in ihrem Film drei
private Unterhändler und ihre Arbeit, die in Hotellobbys, auf Business Class Flügen und in
geheimen Konferenzräumen stattfindet. Der Film folgt den Protagonisten bei ihrer Mission, den
bewaffneten Konflikten in der Welt ein Ende zu setzen.
Die heutigen Kriege und Konflikte werden immer komplizierter und unüberschaubarer. Oft liegen
die Ursachen in lokalen zivilen Konflikten mit globalen Auswirkungen im Machtkampf um
Einflussgebiete und Ressourcen. Die Politik wendet sich deshalb an jene, die die Sprache
verstehen, über Expertenwissen verfügen und Diskretion wahren können. Sie wenden sich an
Fachleute, die aus dem „Frieden-Stiften“ ein neues, privates Geschäftsmodell entwickelt haben.
In Miles & War lernen wir ihre Motivationen kennen, teilen ihre Hoffnungen und Enttäuschungen,
die Einsamkeit und die kurzen und seltenen Momente des Triumphs. Ergänzend erhalten wir
Einblick in den Alltag der Arbeit am Rande der Kriegsschauplätze, erleben überraschende und
faszinierende Momente zwischen Normalität und Abgrund. Anne Thomas Film bietet einen
persönlichen und emotionalen Blick auf die private Friedensindustrie.
→ gibt’s auch auf youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxs8_Ohv-zE
Saadat Rahimzadeh | East Kurdistan (Iran) | 2012 | 10 Min. | no dialogue
This film tells a story of Nomads that still inhabit the region of Kurdistan and are considered to be
the original Kurds
Eine wunderschöne und farbenfrohe Ode an die Natur und das nomadisch anmutende Leben des
iranischen Volkes der Luren. Eine Episode aus der Reihe „Geflüster aus meiner Heimat“, die sich
jenseits einer linearen Erzählung bewegt.

i failed.
i will just copy paste the text from the pdf:

".....im anhang habe ich dir 3 filme ausgewählt, alles filme, die im letzten
jahr bei uns eingereicht wurden. die ersten beiden wurden gezeigt (der
erste ist sogar der gewinner der ETHNOCINECA Student Short Competition und
würde wohl am ehesten zu euch passen, da er 2 syrische/palästinische
schleuser an der grenze zur türkei begleitet), der zweite wurde bei uns im
Hauptprogramm gezeigt, läuft über einen größeren Berliner Vertrieb (der
eigentlich Screening Fees wollte).

Überlegt euch, welche(r) eurer Meinung nach am besten zu dem Abend passt.
Ihr müsst definitiv mit den Diskussionen einige Themen ergänzen und

and nora from ethnocinea send me some movie proposals. first some info from her mail, than i will try to upload the pdf, just to use our homepage a little more

Hello all,

Just few additions to flavians message above: C.i. wasn ok for our purpous. Just a small room, and we would have very few possibilitys to raise money unless we are willing to pay a lot.
I haven't talked to them about details, but as far as i could find out through other people than the actual responsibel ones: AU should be for free. They make the bar, but maybe we can arrange some "special drinks" we sell, and we can take "free donations" at the door, but no entry :-).

We should have our next meeting in AU. Who will come on 26th??

I wrote a letter to wadi, in whcih besides other things i asked them if they want to send a speaker to our event) and got following response:

Lieber Mehrdad Hashempour,
Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse. Gerne beantworten wir Ihre Fragen, haben aber keinen Vertreter in Wien (das war früher eben Wadi-Österreich, heute LEEZA). Ich bin Mitte Januar in Österreich und könnte Sie gerne treffen, müsste mit meinen KollegInnen abklären, ob es möglich ist, eine Veranstaltung Ende Januar zu machen.
Die Frage wäre, wo Sie syrischen Flüchtlingen helfen wollen. In Irakisch-Kurdistan tuen wir das selbst, in anderen Ländern über Partnerorganisationen, vor allem Al Seeraj, die Sie dann auch direkt unterstützen könnten, das ersparte Transfer- und Kontogebühren.
Wollen Sie im Libanon, der Türkei oder Jordanien Flüchtlingen helfen könnten wir Sie deshalb auch direkt mit unseren jeweiligen lokalen Partnerorganisationen in Verbindung bringen.
Herzliche Grüße
Thomas v. der Osten-Sacken

Hello everyone (I'll try to make it short)

the extraordinarial committee in charge of extended research on the event localization has a proposal to the team (started badly).

Yesterday, Mehrad, Kazia, and myself went to visit three proposed locations for the event : Café International, Moë (?) and AU.

Café International (I arrived to late for this one), seemed ok but a bit expensive.

Mo.ë (?) was better although, not very practical in terms of space disposition. It seems to be a better place for a vernissage, than for an event, if we want the people to stay a bit together, and seemed either too small (if we take the rent-free part only) or way to big and expensive if we take the warehouse-kind attenant room.

AU seemed to please us more and we could picture it way better. There is a nicely sized room on the front, with an open door to a smaller one hosting the bar and a few more tables. The front room would be perfect to have the discussion, the presentation, the film screening, the debate and everything. Then, there is a back concert-dancing hall for 40-50pax according the precise foot measurement of Mehrdad. The good thing is that we could open the ladder later when more people are present.

AU seems also a good choice to attract different publics during the event. Early evening would attract anthropology and fundraising related people (who could stay longer if we provide good food and calories to burn during the concert). The concert, DJ evening could also attracted other people only interested to the music but who could softly be introduced to what we do or want to do.

For AU though, we still have to meet the manager of the place and get to know the price, which will be done soon.

I tried to be as objective and informative as possible and let it to the crowd.

Over and out,


Good afternoon!

So the band is playing at 21h in shelter tonight. 7€ - two great psychedelic bands!
i'll be there from 20h (entry time) on with some friends, anyone wanting to join would be more than welcome!

See you, Saskya.

Salute to all!

Thank you for the great steps towards the realization of the project - your report and the ideas from your talk to Fartacek Franz and Saskya, your Coordination Mehrdad, and the ideas and infos from you Vicki.
Its really motivating :-)

I'm bit loaded with other duties these days, I'll write you more detailed stuff the coming days.

But I would like to help with the communication technical stuff:
@Mehrdad: i have got all the posts since 'my eye' is crossed ;) and not only the reply to my post. So yes, i also got your message

@Vicki: if you look to the right of the header (Überschrift) of the forum "A Syreal Evening working title" there are several symbols: a pen and a paper, an X, ... and also 'the eye' :-) You have to click on it. Hope you'll find it now.
And you can make the same thing on the MASN-Vienna forum in total on this page: http://moving-anthropology.net/tiki-view_forum.php?forumId=22

To All: When and where will we meet exactly on the 26.11. We still have to mark it in the calender ;)

greetings from the small mountain town!

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