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MASN Conference Organising Guide
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Syrreal Symphony Printmedia draft3.jpg
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Syria Flyer Draft
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Talking About Anthropology - Anthropology Students' Vocabulary
During the 7th MASN conference under the topic “Ethics and Human Rights in Anthropological Perspective” (Spring 2010) in Krzyzowa, Poland, Arne compiled the following words' list to show us which are the most popular in use by our young fellows :)
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MASN Folder
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Some Members Of The MASN Founding Meeting
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First Meeting Discussions
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Upcoming Events

1)  2022-09-16
Ethnosymposium 2022 Berlin
The 17th Ethnosymposium is taking place in Berlin this year. Together, students from the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and Freie Universität Berlin are planing the student initiated Symposium for Social and Cultural Abthropology, European Ethnology and similar disciplines.

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